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* Weltch Genealogy *

The History of the Weltch Name
My Weltch History ~ Ireland to America ~ Page 1 of 3 ~
~ My Weltch History~ Joseph and Anna Barkley ~ Page 2 of 3
My Weltch History ~ Joseph and Harriet ~ Page 3 of 3 ~
Weltch Family, Iowa ~ Chicago ~ Indiana
Weltch Pictures
Recognize These Faces ?
Some Weltch pictures
* Men of Honor *
~ Weltches of 2007 ~
Weltch Forum
Weltch News and Links.
* Weltch Memorial *

~ Home of Weltch Researchers ~
This site will provide some history of our name as well as a network ~business or social ~ with other Weltches.
            ~  Mary Weltch ~

Some of the common questions I've heard from others that have contacted me with the Weltch name are...Where do we come from? How long have we been in the United States? Where did the  " T " come from? Do you have information on my family line?  Because of these questions, I decided to make this web site.I hope with what I know and with the help of others interested in history, we can  connect people, provide family lines and maybe provide pictures to put to the names.There are about 13 pages to the left of the screen containing information.


Red - Warrior or martyr: military strength and magnanimity.
Black- contancy or grief.
Silver or White - peace and sincerity.
The Helmet - Strength and protection.
The Shield - Readiness to serve the public.


The blue dots represent areas with the highest
population of Weltches.
*Based on information given on census records -  1800's *


Weltch Occupations:
*Based on information given on census records - 1800's *



I invite you to drop in to say "Hello" by using the guest book... me photos of yourself or of your ancestors , or even your family tree to be posted on this website.
My email is...



Special thanks to Kathy Nicholson.
 the great-granddaughter of Birdie Weltch.
 Rex Weltch, the grandson of Gerald Weltch and
Sean Weltch, great -grandson of William Weltch for providing your history and photos.