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* Weltch Genealogy *

The History of the Weltch Name

The History of the Weltch Name
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" He that would be a leader must be a bridge."


The surname Weltch/Welch is derived from BREAT(H)NACH which literally means Welshman. Phillip Brenagh, known as "Phillip the Welshman" was likely the progenitor of the family. Phillip and his brother David arrived in Ireland 1170.

Spelling variations of this family name include: Walsh, Welsh, Welch, Weltch,Wallace and Brannagh.


Top places of origin being: Ireland ~ England ~ Wales.
1. WALSH - is the usual form of the name in Ireland.
2. WELCH / WELTCH - The ethnic name for someone of Welsh origin. This is usual form in England and Wales.
3. Welsh - is the usual form in Scotland.
4. WELK - is the variant of the WELCH name in Germany.
5. WELSCH - is perhaps the Americanized spelling of the German version.
History Note :
After the fall of the Fitzgerald Dynasty (1580'ish) ,Ireland became colonized by the people of England and Wales . This is when the Weltch name starts to show up in records using the "T".
To date : there seems to be areas in The United States that are heavily populated with Weltches.
 ~ Oregon and down through California ~
 It appears that this family group descend from Samson S. Weltch born about 1863 or 1864 in Mississippi.Samson S. Weltch lived in Black River,Wayne Co, Missouri in 1930 ,he died in Wayne Co, Mo, Dec 1, 1932 , his father was born in Georgia, mother born in Mississippi.
 **Information came from a 1930 census.**
The Midwest and West Coast:
The line of Joseph Weltch , seem to populate the Midwest and parts of California. There was a period of time when my line didn't use the "T".
After the death of Anna Barkely-Weltch, Joseph's first wife, all their children were given to the Barkley Clan to be raised. It appears the Barkley's removed the "T". My grandfather started to use the "T" again in the early 1900's. Our migration route:
Wales ~ Ireland ~ United States.
Georgia :
There is a group of Weltches living in Georgia, however, I am not sure of their ancestry. They may be connected to the Oregon Weltches through the Samson Weltch line.
England and Wales :
There is a small population in Southern England and Wales.
Note: Tom Jones (the singer) from Wales confirmed the surname Weltch being
of Wales origin.