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* Weltch Genealogy *

Recognize These Faces ?

The History of the Weltch Name
My Weltch History ~ Ireland to America ~ Page 1 of 3 ~
~ My Weltch History~ Joseph and Anna Barkley ~ Page 2 of 3
My Weltch History ~ Joseph and Harriet ~ Page 3 of 3 ~
Weltch Family, Iowa ~ Chicago ~ Indiana
Weltch Pictures
Recognize These Faces ?
Some Weltch pictures
* Men of Honor *
~ Weltches of 2007 ~
Weltch Forum
Weltch News and Links.
* Weltch Memorial *

Unknown Weltches
My guess.. the one on the right is a Weltch

If you can identify any of these people, please let me know.

unknown Weltches
I have several pictures of the young men.
This picture belongs with the older man.
Unknown ladies.
He looks like an older version of the man in car.
Unknown !

My guess... Opal( L ) and Ethel ( R ) Weltch

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