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~ My Weltch History~ Joseph and Anna Barkley ~ Page 2 of 3
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Left is Thomas Frederick Weltch (Fred)
Right: I believe is Joseph Weltch

Thomas F. Weltch (Fred) is the son of
Joseph Weltch
Anna Barkley-Weltch.

 ~Joseph Weltch Marries Anna Barkley ~
 Anna Barkley b: May 21,1849, Indiana (daughter of Thomas Barkley and Hester Ann Case) and Joseph Weltch b: Feb20,1840, Ireland, marry June 02,1866 in Decatur, Indiana.
There were many children~  unknown to most  ~that became of this union.
1. Jenny Welch/ Weltch  b: 1867 Iconium, Monroe, Iowa.Jenny married March 10, 1891 in Prescott, Iowa to James T. Brooks.
She is buried in Dahlonega Cemetery, Dahlonega, Iowa.
2. Edward M. Weltch b: 1867- d: Sept 03,1869 in Adams Co, Iowa. Stingtown Cemetery.
3. Frank Weltch/Welch b: 1870. I found him on a 1880 census living with Moses Case. A maternal great- uncle .According to a 1920 census, Frank  is married to Grace with a daughter  named Hazel and living in Illinois. He may have died March 19, 1945 and is buried in  Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale Suffolk, New York.
4. Teresa Weltch/Welch b: 1872. 1880 census shows Teresa living with The Sullivan Family in Jefferson, Iowa.The Sullivan's are part of the Barkley Clan.
5. Arthur Weltch b: 1873. I found him living with wife,Ethel and daughter in Marion, Oregon, early 1920.
 * * * need more documentation on him * * *
6.Thomas Frederick Weltch b: Feb 11,1874 in Creston, Iowa. He was raised by is maternal grandparents, Thomas and Hester Barkley.
d: Dec 01,1968 in Brookville, Indiana.
7. Gerald Fritzgerold Weltch b: July 14,1876 in Prescott, Iowa.He was raised by his maternal grandparents, Thomas and Hester Barkley.
d: March 08, 1944 in Los Angeles,California.
8. Birdie E. Welch/Weltch, b: June 19,1879 . She was living with her maternal grandparents, Thomas and Hester Barkely but then went with her maternal aunt, Elizabeth Barkley and her husband to  St Joseph, Missouri.
 Anna Barkley-Weltch dies August 28, 1879 in Adams Co, Iowa, just two months after the birth of her last child, Birdie. This is why the children were all split up among the Barkley family.

Stringtown Cemetery
Adams Co, Iowa

Anna Barkley-Weltch and son Edward are buried here.

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