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My Weltch History ~ Joseph and Harriet ~ Page 3 of 3 ~

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My Weltch History ~ Joseph and Harriet ~ Page 3 of 3 ~
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I believe this is Harriet Francis Terry - Weltch
From the Blackfoot Indian Tribe.

Joseph Weltch and Harriet Frances Terry (Frannie ) marry   May  1881 in Prescott, Adams Co, Iowa. Frannie (b: 1862 - 1920 ) is the daughter of William Terry and Harriet Ladd .
From this union :
1. Harry Weltch b: June 27, 1883, Ottumwa, Iowa ~m~ Letta Paris ~ d: March 24, 1974, Ottumwa, Iowa.
2.William  Weltch b: July14,1884, Ottumwa, Iowa ~ m ~ Myrtle Gee, April 1910, d: Oct 2, 1957 Ottumwa, Iowa.
3. Albert Weltch b: Aug30,1886, Ottumwa, Iowa  d: March 23,1953  Los Angeles California.
4. Cortland S. Weltch  b: June 25, 1888, Dahlonega, Iowa
    ~m~ Barbara Stolba, d: March 24,1957, Ceder Rapids, Iowa
5. Henry Weltch  b; 1890, Iowa  ~m~ Delora Hale. Henry died in a coal mining accident.
6.  Minnie Weltch  b: Jan 26, 1892, Iowa ~m~ unknown Jones.
7. SGT HQ Jesse O. Weltch b: Dec 16, 1893, Iowa. ~m~ Mayme Smith,
 d: Nov11, 1958, buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma,SanDiego, California.
8.Opal Weltch b: July29,1898, Iowa. ~m~ Joseph Hobbs
   d: 1949, California.
9. Ethel Weltch  b: Oct16, 1903, Iowa. ~m~ Unknown Callis.
   d: March 1974.
10.Frances- No Information.

Obit of Harriett F. Terry-Weltch wife of Joseph .
Wedding announcement of Bert Weltch , son of Joseph

~ Joseph Weltch ~
I believe this to be Joseph.

b: Feb 20,1840 ~ Cork Ireland
d: Aug 22, 1908 ~ Dahlonega, Iowa
Buried in Dahlonega Cemetery
I recently learned that this cemetery was vandalized.
Most of the headstones were either thrown in to the creek or
they were broken. There is also no plot map.
There are several Weltches in the Cemetery, I will
post their names at a later date.

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