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My Weltch History ~ Ireland to America ~ Page 1 of 3 ~

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My Weltch History ~ Ireland to America ~ Page 1 of 3 ~
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My Weltch roots in America begin with my paternal great-great-grandfather, Joseph Weltch.
He was born Feb 20, 1840 in Cork, Ireland. According to family lore, Josephs parents died when he was a young boy in Ireland. It's said that Joseph came to the United States with a sister but evidence suggests he may have come with older brothers as well. According to the 1850 census, of Butler County, Ohio, a German family named William and Hannah Fox  listed 3 boarders by the name of Henry, 20 years old, James,18 years old, and Joseph  Welch,10 years old.This certainly supports the family story that Joseph spent his younger years in Butler Co. Ohio and it fits in the time line as well.However, no sister was found.
April 15, 1861, President Lincoln issued a Proclamation, calling for 75,000 militiamen.
September,1861 - Joseph Weltch,age 21, Volunteers for the Union Army, 7th Infantry, Co G  for Indiana.This only lasted for three months, his regiment was dissolved and reorganized and moved to Cheat Mountain in Western Virginia.
From there, he goes in to the battle of Winchester Heights, at Front Royal, and then moved on to Fredericksburg. Joseph participates at Cedar Mountain and the Second Battle of Bull Run. He then moves in to the battle of Antietam, Ashby's Gap and then back to the battle of Fredericksburg. He then moves in to the battle of Chancellorsville and the Battle of Mine Run.
November, 1863 -Joseph wintered over in Culpepper and in the spring,he engages in the battles of Wilderness, Laurel Hill, Spotsylvania, Po River, North Anna River, Bethesda Church and Cold Harbor. In these battles, his regiment suffered heavy casualties. His regiment consolidated with the 19th Indiana and then consolidated with the 20th Indiana. According to family lore, he fought in the Battle of Vicksburg and the Battle of Shiloh. However, when Joseph filed for his pension, he lists only being part of the 7th and 20th Infantry.
When he mustered out of the Army in September of 1864, he recieved a
There is a Civil War listing of two men of interest:
Pvt. James Weltch  14th Regiment Indiana Infantry ~ Co D
 I have not yet connected him to Joseph as a brother.
Pvt Thomas Weltch of Porter, Indiana, 12th Cavalry, Com M.
 I don't know if there is any connection to my ancestry line.

Indiana State Seal
~ Civil War ~

I believe this to be.... SGT. JOSEPH WELTCH

~ Indiana Volunteers ~
~ 7th Regiment ~

A Group of Indiana Volunteers

Military information came from Kathy Nicholson.

~ Civil War Uniforms ~

Example of a uniform Pvt.Joseph Weltch would have worn.


Example of a uniform Sgt. Joseph Weltch would have worn.


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